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No training, no chance?

Friday 24th November 2017

We get asked about this all the time at The Acting Space. Most people come along to our classes just for fun but some actually want to become professional actors and they’re stuck in the ever annoying ‘catch 22’ situation; The ‘Can’t get any work without experience but can’t get any experience without work’. So how can we solve this? Here are some of our top tips for any budding actors:


  1. Watch as much stuff as possible. And if you can’t go and watch it, at least know what’s on and who’s involved. I understand that ticket prices in London are ridiculously expensive and it’s impossible to see absolutely everything but get to know what type of work is being shown, who is casting it, directing it and starring in it. An easy way to do this is to sign up to theatre newsletters. You’ll be the first to hear about the latest season of work plus be first in line to buy tickets. Some of our favourite theatres are The Globe, The Donmar Warehouse, The Royal Court, The National Theatre.


  1. Get some good headshots. This is something that you have to invest in. Your headshot is the most important thing, especially as an unknown and just starting out. It’s the first thing a casting director sees before even looking through your CV so make sure they’re great quality and show you off. You only need about 3-4 different looks for your CV.


  1. Keep adding to your list of skills. You may not have had the chance to go to drama school but it’s still possible to train and add important skills in your CV. For example, enrol in a stage-combat course and take the exam, attend some dance classes, and not forgetting ACCENTS. You can never perfect too many accents and your amazing Southern American might see you getting that job over everyone else!


  1. Attend some casting workshops. You will have to pay for most of these but they are really worth your while. Companies like The Actors Company LA and Casting Workshops invite well-known casting directors into a room and you get the chance to perform an audition scene for them. Be advised that this does NOT guarantee you work but it’s a chance for you to meet them and show them what you’re made of.


  1. Keep notes of people you have met. This is SO important but so many actors just forget or don’t make it important enough. If you bump into someone in the industry who could potentially give you a job one day- REMEMBER THEM and keep in contact with them. I don’t mean email them every day (please don’t do that!) but invite them to something you’re in or simply congratulate them on a recent successful show. It’s much better to start a letter with “Hi, we met at…” rather than “Hi, you don’t know me but…”


Do you have an important audition coming up and want to do the best you can? Then we can help! Our bespoke one-to-one sessions will enable you to feel confident in the room, fully prepared for any redirection scenario and help you perform your your speech/scene truthfully. Get in touch for more info!

Katherine Edrupt